We are about YOU, the customer

At Marquee AV Design, we value your individuality and tailor our systems to suit your lifestyle.

Serving the greater Vancouver area since 2010, our goal is to connect you to your home or business using design and technology that will simplify and elevate your lifestyle.

Every Marquee AV Design staff member brings over 20 years of industry experience, we stay on top of technology trends and only recommend products and systems that we would use in our own home or business. Be confident you’re getting the very best quality products paired with the highest level of service that is the hallmark of our reputation.

Whole-Home Automation

Want the fireplace to turn on before you get out of bed, set the temperature before arriving home from vacation, control your media from any room in the house, or simply make sure the lights are on when you get home?

Imagine having everything in your home just the way you want it, at any given time, from any given location? Automation pairs ultimate comfort with ultimate convenience, integrating electrical systems and devices that operate in your home and on your property such as:

  • Audio/Video
  • Lighting Control
  • Motorized Shades
  • Wifi and Data Networks
  • Surveillance
  • Security
  • HVAC
  • Irrigation
  • Pool and Spa

Plus, user-friendly interfaces offer both on and offsite access from any location. So a safer, more efficient and accessible home is right at your fingertips— whether you’re in the back yard, the bathtub, or the Bahamas!

Motorized Shades & Lighting Control

Whether you want to greet the day early with the sun, block it out ‘til noon for some extra shut- eye, or set the mood for a romantic dinner, the right lighting is essential to creating mood and enhancing your comfort.      

Automated window coverings and lighting options allow you to control how much, and what kind of light fills the room at any given time.   More than just a luxury, automated lighting solutions can also increase your family’s safety and fine-tune your energy consumption. 

Whatever your preferences, Marquee AV has you covered, with programmable electric and natural light solutions that are simple, efficient, and intuitive.

Multi-Room Media

At Marquee AV, we know that you want to be entertained whenever and wherever you are in the house, and this poses a challenge when everyone in the family has their own tastes, habits and schedules.

Multi-room media systems grant each member of the household access and control of their own media sources in any room of the house, simultaneously.  Hockey game in the family room, music in the kitchen, satellite radio in the garage, and streaming in the bedrooms— Marquee AV makes it effortless. 

We consider your family’s current and future media usage, anticipating rapid advances in technology, to create a system that integrates all aspects of both cable and digital media using the most current and highest quality technology available. 


Movie lovers rejoice! Whether you’re watching in a dedicated theatre room complete with projection screens and multi–staged seating, or kicked back on the couch in the family room with a big screen TV, Marquee AV will outfit your home for a truly immersive, theatre-quality experience. 

Our experts integrate TV, Internet, digital and cable media sources, music, and photo collections with state of the art AV systems, using only the latest and best quality brands we use in our own homes. Expect amazing, bigger-than-life picture and sound.  Expect incredible quality. Expect getting more from your Smart TV.  Expect the best at home theatre experience on the block.    

Marquee offers all this with a functional and easy to use interface, detailed customer service, and no-hassle set up by qualified technicians. 

Surveillance Cameras

At Marquee AV we know that home isn’t a home if it doesn’t feel safe. Reliable surveillance offers more than just protection—it offers peace of mind and freedom.

Integrated surveillance from Marquee AV allows you to know who, and what, is happening at all times. Acting like a virtual housesitter, integrated surveillance increases protection against intruders and allows you to monitor of your home’s security and oversee its vital operations from both internal and remote locations. 

Our surveillance experts boast decades in the field and create state-of-the-art systems using the latest technology, designed to keep you safe, informed, and stress-free.

IT Networks

No longer the wave of the future, a reliable and secure network is the foundation of convenience and comfort in every modern home.  Since most of our daily devices require Internet access to operate efficiently, staying connected, accessing a variety of media, and reliable data protection, has become fundamental to our quality of life.

Marquee AV’s data networking solutions are individually tailored to you, and designed to support your household’s present and future connectivity demands. By designing a system that is based on commercial grade equipment, we ensure long-term, uninterrupted multiple device support.